Julie & Julia=AWESOME

So last night I got to go to an advance screening of the film Julie & Julia at The Grove in Los Angeles and I have to say it could not have impressed me more.  Back when I was an intern at Picturehouse (early 2008) and I would dork out an look at Production Weekly, I saw that this film was in production (Meryl Streep’s name caught my eye) and I was instantly excited.  I’ve always been a fan of Julia Child as well and, just like Amy Adam’s character in the book, her name holds a certain nostalgia for me.  There is a scene in the film where Julie Powell (Adams) talks about how her mother would make a dish from Mastering the Art of French Cooking and it instantly felt fancy.  In the same way, I can remember making fancy food (or at least eating the fancy food) that my mother prepared.  There is just something about Julia Child that reminds us of our moms.

The film as a whole was well written and choreographed.  Critics so far have praised the film, particularly Streep, however I think that Adams should be getting a bit more credit.  I had heard going into the film that the sections with Julia Child (Streep) were exciting however the parts with Julie (Adams) seemed dull.  There’s an obvious explanation for that and it’s that Julia’s story is so much more romantic.  She is a legend today and Julie is a literary and culinary newcomer.  It also helps that Streep’s parts are set in Paris and Marseille while Julie is set in a dingy apartment in Queens.

I loved that the film focused on the relationships that the two women had with their husbands.  It really shows the power of true commitment and the importance of respect.

This film was a beautiful reflection on relationships, love, achievement and passion (i.e. food).

My first reaction after the film was to go out and buy Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  The only problem is that now the book’s price has skyrocketed on half.com…bummer.  I kinda want an old edition and I have a feeling that all of the old ones are going to be taken.


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