Inglorious Basterds

Sunday, August 23rd 2009 was a good day.  I started the morning off by making some breakfast and coffee and then heading down to the farmer’s market in Hollywood (one of my FAVE things to do….I’m kind of a vegetable dork).  Still kind of hurting from the intense (but AMAZING chili we decided to go see Inglorious Basterds.  I hadn’t really paid attention, but I should have known…the movie was 2 and a half HOURS long.  When I first found out as I was sitting inside the theater, I thought “OK, prepare to be bored to death” but then the movie started.  I was engaged all the way through.  There was never a point (expect maybe the extended bar scene) where I felt like it could have been paced faster.  The story was a combination of stories….as every Tarantino film is.  I could go on like nearly every other reviewer (ahem Ann Hornday and just about every other major reviewer.  Duh Tarantino is practically a movie historian.  He’s like a DJ of old movies, playing them all together to make one more comprehensive art form.  I applaud his style, knowledge and knack for senseless graphic violence.  I certainly enjoyed it even though I still quiver at the thought of having a swastika carved into my forehead with a large knife (shown several times…ick).Picture 1


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