District 9

District 9So I recently acquired a screener of District 9.  That’s basically all I have to say about his movie.  I watched it….

In all seriousness, I’m not the type of person who can really comment adequately on this movie.  To me, it was very interesting yet not as enlightening as it was intended to be.  The film, with no known stars, is about an alien invasion in South Africa, but unlike typical invasions, the aliens are sick and need refuge.  They eventually colonize district 9 (right outside Johannesburg) and become pests to the local population.  The MNU (which regulates the aliens) tries to relocate them to what looks like a concentration camp.

Wikus, the innocently oblivious protagonist, is chosen to serve eviction notices but encounters an alien “fluid” and begins to transform into one of them.  Christopher, one of the more intelligent “Prawns” tells Wikus that he has the technology to fix him which is of vital importance as the experimentation has already begun on Wikus.

In the end, Christopher is able to restart the alien ship and go back to the home planet for help.  It is unknown whether or not he will come back and start a war (due to the humans’ relentless cruelty) or if he will merely rescue his people.

This was hard to watch and very sad at points, but the hardest part of this movie was having any compassion for the alien race.  They are ugly and mean and don’t seem to have any problem killing humans.  This movie is trying to make the point that just because something is ugly and different doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to live a decent life.  This got me thinking, what if the aliens invaded tomorrow and there was a similar situation on this earth? I believe in the good of people, but I also believe in the power of bad people, ignorance and mistrust.  Overall, this movie was depressing…


2 responses to “District 9

  1. I TOTALLY agree, said the same thing in my review. Totaly bummer of a movie and extremely hard to like anyone involved. Need more movies where we get along with aliens. Good review and good site!


  2. Thanks Aiden! Here’s to a good alien movie one day!!

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