Fantastic Mr. Fox

I attended the premiere of Fantastic Mr. Fox on Friday night at the AFI film festival as one of my last connections from my job in the entertainment industry.  I have to say, it was a night that won’t soon be forgotten and it was a great way to leave Hollywood.  We started the night at Musso and Franks, a restaurant known for being “old Hollywood.”  After a drink we headed over to Grauman’s Chinese Theater to get our tickets and take our seats.  On the carpet on the way in, we caught sight of Jason Schwartzmann and once we got to our seats we saw Judd Apatow and family.  As Wes Anderson introduced the film (alongside fellow cast mates Bill Murray, Schwartzman and Wes’s brother Eric Anderson) we could sense the camaraderie in the room.

The film was excellent and entertaining.  It moved quickly and reeked of Anderson’s quirky sense of style and humor.  Many of the hilarious moments were in the details (as many of Anderson’s films usually are) however, most of the fast laughs were given away in the trailer.  Overall, this childrens’ story, written by Roald Dahl, is just that: a childrens’ story.  The story itself was intended for young children, yet the Anderson film has subtleties clearly intended for adults.

The score and design of every Wes Anderson film seem to tie all of his films together.  The best way I think to describe an Anderson film is that it always seems to go for the  subtle humor but it ends up not being subtle at all.  Anderson’s films all have a very elegant aesthetic that appear simple at first glance, yet in reality they are intricately manipulated worlds that he creates with unimaginable detail put into every frame.  This beautiful aesthetic ties all Anderson films together and FANTASTIC MR. FOX certainly does not fall short of this legacy.


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