Finals and Last Minute Christmas Knitting


I just went to my last NSSLHA meeting of the semester last night and I saw an awesome guest speaker from Casa Colina Rehabilitation center in Pomona.  She talked about working with people who have traumatic brain injuries and that population is definitely of interest to me to I naturally soaked up everything she said.  Currently, I haven’t volunteered in a hospital or rehab setting but I intend to start in January at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach so I should gain some experience there.  As of right now, I really just need to get ready for finals.  Stats should certainly be a difficult one but otherwise I think this is going to be a fairly stress free finals week.

In between studying, I’m working on making some snowmen and a few more stockings to give as Christmas gifts.  Also, I need to remake my cousin’s hat because it came out way too big!


2 responses to “Finals and Last Minute Christmas Knitting

  1. Well, those are just the cutest little pieces of Christmas cheer!! I made a bunch of mittens this year to give out as gifts with gift cards for Starbucks or Sonic stuffed inside. Good luck with finals ( I am sure they are over by now).

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