New Years Resolutions

This year is going to be a big one for me so I’m going to make a list of my resolutions.  I did pretty good in 2010 but I think 2011 is going to be my year.  Here’s my resolutions:

1. Go on more hikes. (hikes make me happy and I need to be outside more)

2. Knit myself a sweater or cardigan. (I’m afraid of big projects and I need to conquer my fear!  I’m thinking of making this one: Kimono Wrap.)

3. Prioritize my future and work hard this year so that I have options with graduate school. (this really doesn’t need any explanation.  This year’s classes will determine where I get into grad school so I need to work hard to open up some doors)

4.  Go to more yoga classes and work on my self-awareness. (always a necessity)

5. Make more time to volunteer at organizations like Free Arts. (I’m a registered volunteer but I don’t get the chance to go very often because of my work schedule.  I need to prioritize this more because this is such an awesome organization)

This is going to be a great year!


3 responses to “New Years Resolutions

  1. nice goals, sis. And from the sound of it, you are making great headway. Keep it up, and visit me soon!

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