My First Pattern: Knit R2-D2

It was my friend Cody’s birthday the other day and I’ve been meaning to knit him something for a while.  I always knew it would need to be something Star Wars related, so I went ahead and made an R2-D2.  (yes, Cody’s a nerd, but an awesome nerd who needed some Star Wars love on his bday) Here’s the pattern!  It’s pretty simple and the one I made is very small.  To make it bigger, you can just do a few more rounds with increases while making the base.

I used size US 4 dpns and Sugar and Cream cotton yarn.

Start by CO 6 sts and distribute them evenly on 3 of the dpns to join in the round.  Knit one time in the round, then inc every stitch.  I did a Kfb but any increase will work fine.  Knit one round, then Kfb K1, for a round.  Knit one round then Kfb K2 one round.  Continue doing this until you reach the size you want (I believe I did 5 of these increase rounds).  After finishing the increase rounds, I purled one round to change the direction.  After one round of purling, begin to knit in the round for at least 3 inches (knit more or less depending on the size you are making).  Once I reached this point, I began decreasing for the top.  Also, if you don’t want to go back and duplicate stitch the blue circle at the top, you can sub in your blue yarn at this point for one round prior to starting the decreases.  For the decreases, I did a K2tog and then I knit as many as I had done for the increase rounds.  For instance, since I only increased for 5 rounds, I did a K2tog k5 (this will once again be variable depending on the size you are making).  I knit one round, then I did a K2tog K4.  At some point during this process, I stuffed him.  I did the decreases until I had 12 sts remaining on the needles, then I ran the yarn through the remaining sts using a needle and tied it off.  Finish up R2 by duplicate stitching all of his buttons on top.

For R2’s legs (or wheels I guess….), I made an I-chord by casting on 4 sts.  after about 2 inches of this, I did a Kfb in every stitch (8 sts).  I continued knitting the i-chord for 4-5 more rounds then cut the yarn and wove in the ends.  I sewed the wheels on at an angle (see pic).

This little guy was SO fun to make and I was able to make him quick (about an hour).  Cody was stoked on him, and immediately posted a picture of him on his facebook! My favorite part of knitting is making ridiculous things like this and giving them to my friends…I think next I’ll have to make at AT-AT because even though they’re evil, they are my favorite thing from Star Wars.  Probably because of this guy’s flickr page.


4 responses to “My First Pattern: Knit R2-D2

  1. it looks great! congratulations on your first pattern

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