Yarnbombing: Quincy Ave. in Long Beach

It always makes me happy when I find yarnbombing, even if it’s just a small thing.  I was walking down the street the other day in my neighborhood and came across this purple tag on a parking meter on Quincy in Belmont Shore.  I was pretty excited and the people I was with didn’t really get it so I explained to them all about yarnbombing and knit graffiti.  After looking at me like I was nuts, they agreed that it’s a cute fuzzy alternative to real graffiti.  I love it!



One response to “Yarnbombing: Quincy Ave. in Long Beach

  1. Super! I love it, too. What a great idea, just a little knit or crochet tag!! much simpler and quicker to apply than putting on a knitted tube!

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