Knit Baby Hat Pattern

I recently was looking for a funny pointy hat to make for my baby but I couldn’t find a pattern that I liked all that much, so I decided to create my own.  The results couldn’t have been more fun!  I have had such a good time putting this silly hat on Aleksa and she seems to like it.  It has officially become her hat for when she is cranky and wants to sit outside.  Anyways, the pattern is pretty rough because I just make this as I went along, but here’s the approximate pattern:

Materials: size 9 dpns (need at least 4), super bulky yarn (I used two colors and did stripes)

For newborn, CO 33 sts and divide evenly across 3 dpns (11 sts per needle).  Knit in the round until the had measures 4 inches from CO edge then begin to decrease one (k2tog) at the beginning of each needle.  There should be 3 decreases per decrease round.  For the next five inches, decrease every third or fourth row, depending on how pointy you want this pointy hat to be.  Once you reach another 5 inches (9 inches total from CO edge) you can start doing more decreases (2 per needle) and increasing the amount of rows between each decrease (about 4 or 5)  Once there are only 3 sts left on the needles, pull the yarn tight through the last stitches and tie off .  To make a pom pom, wrap some yarn around your four fingers and tie off.  Cut it off along the top and then attach it to the top of the hat.

Hope this is helpful, comment if you have any questions!!


2 responses to “Knit Baby Hat Pattern

  1. Do you have a hat for a cranky spouse?

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