Aleksa’s First Chrismas Stocking

So I decided that I want to make Aleksa a stocking for her first Christmas.  And I want it to be a super complicated fair isle design and I want it to have her name knit into it.  This was just a thought floating around in my brain until I browsed through the new edition of Interweave’s Knit Gifts Winter 2012 Edition and I saw the Snow Bird Stocking by Kristen Spurkland.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful and amazing it was…I had to make it.  I’m currently about halfway through and I’m pretty excited about how it’s coming out.  I’m hoping to finish it before Wednesday when we are having our family portraits taken so that I can have one of her with it. Hopefully this stocking will be something she has forever!!

One side note: making a fair isle chart for letters is HARD! I did it wrong the first time and wasted a days worth of work! The letters have to be upside down and backwards…ugh.  Here’s a link to my project on ravelry: Aleksa’s Stocking.



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