Wahoo! Our Garden Rocks!

This is one of the best gardens I’ve ever had!  Since my last garden update things are really taking off! Perhaps it’s the consistent watering, lots of sun or the 100s of caterpillars, aphids and snails I’ve picked off the leaves, but the plants are really pulling through this year.  We’ve always been pretty limited in sunlight and having to use pots but I think we finally found a way to make it work.  My sweet 100 tomato has about 20 little green tomatoes so far and it’s doing so well that I’m planting a second tomato-an heirloom pineapple tomato- in the front planter on the other side of the big ugly bush that I had to hack away.  The sweet pepper plant has about 5 little peppers growing on it and the bell pepper has 3 little ones and a few more on the way!  The herbs are doing great-except the parsley for some reason- and the strawberry is turning into a giant strawberry monster plant-it has about 10 new plants that it’s making so we’re putting it in a bigger pot.  Our lemon tree looks like it’s going to have lemons for the first time ever with about 15 of them the size of cherries or so and plenty more blooms.

It’s been really fun gardening with Aleksa everyday and seeing her watch plants grow.  It was especially exciting this week to watch her eat the first red tomato off the sweet 100.  It’s so important for little kids to learn where their food comes from!



2 responses to “Wahoo! Our Garden Rocks!

  1. That is fantastic! I am happy for your success and I hope you enjoy many more fruits (and veggies) of your labor this year

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