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I’m just getting around to reading the July 2019 issue of the ASHA Leader and there is a really interesting article that I’m loving about pseudoscience versus truth and how to defend scientific and evidence-based practices and our growing culture of social media. The article is titled “Does Truth have a Future” and it’s written by Nancy Volkers. The article is speaking to me a lot as a professional with regards to the populations that I serve as well as as a parent in regards to my own children and how I parent them and teach them to digest media and information.

It’s so important to remember that effective and evidence-based practices are usually never a quick fix. It’s especially important to defend science and the process of science. This is something that I think about it my parenting quite often and I find myself having more conversations with my older child about thinking things through and really questioning results that are found too easily. I find myself encouraging her to discuss that she is learning something versus she’s learned it as well as avoid using terms like I’ve mastered this or I’m an expert. This mentality of a continual learner versus someone who has mastered something is really important in the discussion of science versus pseudoscience.

It seems to me that many pseudoscience treatment procedures appear to not only dennounce scientific practices, they claimed to have found the answer. On the other hand, scientific evidence based practices are a continual spectrum of knowledge that slowly build upon each other. I remember when learning about research in college and graduate school we began to understand what a slow process research really is. This scientific process is essential to understanding how things work. I know I’ll always be open to new and evolving ideas as a professional and I’ll always be open to understanding new research. There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution. A career as a speech language pathologist is a commitment to endorsing the scientific process. We must make continual effort to fine-tune our skills in line with what research is indicating is appropriate.

Time Flies

One thing that I’m coming to realize as a parent is that time goes by so quickly.  I’m looking at photos on my phone and google conveniently makes me these flashback photo comparisons that really make me think about times that seemed like yesterday, but in reality they were a YEAR ago (or sometimes more).  I think about all of the things I’ve meant to do that just haven’t gotten done.  Part of me knows to forgive myself and think about being present, however the other part of me pushes myself to work harder to achieve more for my family and be better.

One example of this is reading.  I realize that I have not been reading enough with my daughter.  This is particularly on my mind as she’s having some recent challenges with reading.  I think about how I could have facilitated her passion towards reading more than I have.  We read together, but I haven’t taken her to the library as much as I should have to pick her own books.  I’ve often been tired and moved through our reading time quickly instead of treating it like a fun and engaging time for both of us.  I’ve often been climbed on and had books torn out of my hand by my young son which prevents me from reading books with more complexity and age-appropriateness for my daughter.  The past week has made me feel like a failure and has made me realize how much time has flown by.

But then again, I stop and think about all that I have done right.  She is creative, fun, playful, and DOES love to read.  Even though I haven’t done it all right or always had time to be perfect for her, she’s doing pretty great.  It is a reminder to me to check in with myself and the priorities of our household.

This parenting and life thing is pretty crazy.  You definitely can’t have it all, but I have everything I need.  I’ll keep a positive attitude and remain even more mindful of parenting choices going forward.

DIY Headband Storage

So I guess anybody who has a little girl should be prepared for a ton of headbands. I found myself in this predicament and decided I need to find a way to make them more organized. After making this simple do it yourself headband organizer, now my daughter is able to find any have been she wants much more easily. I love that she got to choose the fabric and design and it was something that we already had in our pantry.

To make this all you need is a large oatmeal container, A scrap size of fabric to cover the oatmeal container, some paint to paint the top cap and a hot glue gun.

Our Garden

We got around to planting the garden today and it was fun. So far we have tomatoes, eggplant, tomatillos, jalapeños, two kinds of sweet peppers, a zucchini and some herbs. We also have a blueberry plant in a pot. I’m seriously hoping the snails and Caterpillar’s don’t eat it all. Lex and I will be checking it for bugs and she’ll be helping me take care of it. I’m hoping this will be a fun family project for us over the summer! 🐌🐛☀️☀️☀️☀️🌱🌱🌱🌱

Here’s some photos of our work (and a little baby boy trying-and succeeding- to eat grass)

Perfect Day

I don’t want to jinx it but I’ve had a wonderful day today so far. I went for a walk with the little guy after dropping lex off at preschool. We stopped at Bel Bacio which is an amazing Italian coffee shop and I had a cardomoccachino. Next I finished an etsy order and packed up Christmas cookies for some family and friends. I finished little guy’s Christmas handprint ornaments and then just sat outside with him for a little while watching the breeze and listening to sounds. Babies grow so fast and I’m enjoying every minute of my time with this guy as an infant. Today was so productive yet relaxing.  


cardomoccachino at Bel Bacio


little guy’s first christmas handprint ornaments



Events in the Bay Area this Summer

I just found this article in the San Jose Mercury News that has LOTS of great events for the summer.  I need to make a point of getting out to more community events and festivals and this article had so much information about local events.  I’m thinking Artichoke Festival, Kite Festival and maybe Boogie on the Bayou?  All of them look like so much fun!!

San Jose Mercury News Summer Events Calendar

March Crafting: Baby Carrier for Toddler Girl

So I really need to get better about updating this more often.  Despite being super busy in Graduate School, I have had some limited time to sew some fun stuff.  Also, with baby boy on the way, I’m getting inspired to start knitting again.  I’ve taken a little bit of a knitting break because I’ve been so busy and tired (growing a person is EXHAUSTING!!).  In my queue I have a pair of Overalls for baby boy.  The pattern is called Pepita and I just added it to my projects on Ravelry.  I’m also getting a little bit more excited about expecting baby boy and I joined the “Due in September 2015” group on Ravelry.

I found this baby carrier a few months ago on Ginger Snap Crafts and it is originally from The Crazy Tailor.  I finally had the time to make one.  I’m pretty sure that baby boy is going to live in the TULA carrier that I recently got at Granola Babies in Southern California, so I’m sure Lex will want join in the baby-wearing fun by carrying around some of her own little “babies”.  She’s truly at that age where imaginative play is really emerging and she loves to take care of things and be a helper.

Baby Carrier 2 Baby Carrier