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Weekend in Yosemite

Well Tempered Designs on Pinterest

So I started a Pinterest board for some of my projects on ETSY and I hope to include some of my in progress work on there as well!  Here’s the link and feel free to follow my board for store updates!!

Well Tempered Designs on Pinterest

San Francisco Trip Video

Honeybees in Long Beach

I saw some honeybees when I was on the phone with my mom the other day.  I know they are fairly endangered so it was nice to see them out and about.  I snapped this picture of one on my phone.  They were all over some clovers on the lawn right next to the beach, which I thought was weird because there weren’t too many other plants nearby.  This makes me want some more honey from my parents’ beehives!  (hint hint mom if you’re reading this…hehe)