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Studying Away

It’s been a while since I’ve posted because school has been  intense so far.  I’ve been spending my Mondays and Tuesdays at Viento y Agua on 4th Street studying and it has turned out to be a pretty effective studying method, but I suppose I’ll see exactly how effective after my first midterm next week.

So I’ve had a fantastic idea about some things that I can to to help study and remain creative at the same time.  I study very well by writing and re-writing things on flashcards or notebooks.  With this in mind, I’ve decided to try and make sense of some of the material that I’ve been learning this semester by making my own visual aids, basically posters.  I need to find some way to keep myself intrigued with this subject matter and I think that creative visual aids is the way to go for me (I am a VERY visual learner).  I had this idea today when I was studying in the library to make a giant timeline that I can hang on my wall. The timeline idea came into play because I’m having some trouble remembering the major stages of language development from infancy to adulthood.  I get the major things, but I need a constant reminder of the little things that I tend to look over when I’m studying the text.  I am thinking of making this timeline with acrylics and scraps of whatever else come into mind.  This is just an idea for now so I’ll post some pictures of how it comes out tomorrow when I get started on it before work.  I’m going to start sketching out what goes where, but for now I’m thinking it will be broken into thirds starting with infancy, then toddlerhood, then school age and adolescence sharing a third.  I think that each age will cover form, content an use.  I’m excited to get started!  I’ll be sure to post my progress tomorrow!!

Also, tomorrow morning I’m stoked to go try out a yoga class with my friend from school.  We’re going to a class at Yogaworks in Costa Mesa.  I’m ashamed to say that it’s going to be my first time going to a yoga class for about a month and a half (although I have been doing some stuff on my own).  Still, nothing compares to the community of being in a class.  I’m so excited!!


New Years Resolutions

This year is going to be a big one for me so I’m going to make a list of my resolutions.  I did pretty good in 2010 but I think 2011 is going to be my year.  Here’s my resolutions:

1. Go on more hikes. (hikes make me happy and I need to be outside more)

2. Knit myself a sweater or cardigan. (I’m afraid of big projects and I need to conquer my fear!  I’m thinking of making this one: Kimono Wrap.)

3. Prioritize my future and work hard this year so that I have options with graduate school. (this really doesn’t need any explanation.  This year’s classes will determine where I get into grad school so I need to work hard to open up some doors)

4.  Go to more yoga classes and work on my self-awareness. (always a necessity)

5. Make more time to volunteer at organizations like Free Arts. (I’m a registered volunteer but I don’t get the chance to go very often because of my work schedule.  I need to prioritize this more because this is such an awesome organization)

This is going to be a great year!

Northern California Christmas

My trip up to San Jose for Christmas has turned out to be interesting.  My family has changed a lot of our traditions this year to accommodate our changing family and it just made Christmas feel strange.  I suppose this could have something to do with me getting older and having a different role then when I was younger.  It’s times like these when I realize that life is going to continue to throw me curve balls and I need to have the strength to  not let it get the best of me.  As I reflect on how this past week has turned out, I realize that there are a few things that I should do differently in order to be happier.  This reflective process is very important and I need to always remember that I’m a dynamic individual with the power to change and get better.  I need to remember to be happy with what life offers me and look to the positive.  Most importantly, I need to remember to BREATHE.

I can honestly say that my favorite part of visiting this year was seeing my family and a few old friends from high school.  It’s always wonderful to see people and catch up.  It has made me very reflective about my life and what I value, as well as where I need to turn my focus.  A lot will be changing in my life in the next month and I’m ready to welcome the change and challenge myself to become better and better.  I have so many new years resolutions that I want to set that I’m thinking I should just make a huge master list and post it on my wall.  That might just be what I do this year 🙂  I could make it into a fun craft project and frame it so that I have a constant reminder of my goals for the year.   I’ll have to start coming up with some ideas for it now and hopefully have something ready by early January.

Yoga in Healthcare

This video about Matthew Sanford expresses what yoga really means to me.  This video was posted on facebook by one of my yoga instructors I frequented in LA, Joseph Seeman.  After watching the video on youtube, I really connected with it.  I really want to work in a rehabilitative environment as an SLP or an OT and understanding the mind-body connection is very important to me.  Sanford really seems to get it right.  He experienced a debilitating car crash and rather than being defined by his disability, he has chosen to focus on what he can do to increase his awareness of himself.  In my opinion, this is such an important aspect of healing and definitely should not be overlooked by physicians and OTs.