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Perfect Day

I don’t want to jinx it but I’ve had a wonderful day today so far. I went for a walk with the little guy after dropping lex off at preschool. We stopped at Bel Bacio which is an amazing Italian coffee shop and I had a cardomoccachino. Next I finished an etsy order and packed up Christmas cookies for some family and friends. I finished little guy’s Christmas handprint ornaments and then just sat outside with him for a little while watching the breeze and listening to sounds. Babies grow so fast and I’m enjoying every minute of my time with this guy as an infant. Today was so productive yet relaxing.  


cardomoccachino at Bel Bacio


little guy’s first christmas handprint ornaments




It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

This rain in southern California has been ridiculous!  I love it and it’s been especially nice because I haven’t had to drive too many places for the past few days.  There is nothing better than staying in my warm house while it’s raining outside.  I’m pretty excited that school is over only because I’m welcoming the open schedule for the time being. On Friday, I’ll be driving up to Northern California to see the family!

Today, I’m just finishing up some last minute Christmas knitting.  I’m working on a hat for my uncle called We Call Them Pirates.  It’s a pretty cool pattern and hopefully he’ll like it!

Today, I’m going to be making some Christmas cookies and making my favorite chili recipe from The Homesick Texan.  The chili recipe is here.  It’s AMAZING!!